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1st Regiment DUI
1st Regiment (The Alamo Guards) COL Charles Brewton, Commanding
Role: Civil Affairs
Area of Operation: South Texas (San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Westlaco, Zapata)

2nd Regiment DUI
2nd Regiment (Austin Greys) COL Frank Woodall, Commanding
Role: Civil Affairs
Area of Operation: Central Texas (Temple, Brownwood, Clifton, Killeen, Waco, Austin)

4th Regiment DUI
4th Regiment (Panther City Fencibles) COL Howard Palmer, Commanding
Role: Civil Affairs
Area of Operation: Northwest/North Central Texas (Fort Worth, Denton, Wichita Falls, Mineral Wells)

8th Regiment DUI
8th Regiment (Terry's Texas Rangers) COL Dennis O'Driscoll, Commanding
Role: Civil Affairs
Area of Operation: Southeast Texas (Houston, Bryan, Huntsville, Beaumont, Port Arthur)

19th Regiment DUI
19th Regiment (Parson's Brigade) COL Robert T. Hastings, Commanding
Role: Civil Affairs
Area of Operation: Northeast/North Central Texas (Dallas, Grand Prarie, Wylie, Kilgore, New Boston)

39th Composite Regiment DUI
39th Composite Regiment (Roughnecks) COL Christine deSocarraz, Commanding
Role: Civil Affairs / Medical
Area of Operation: West Texas (Lubbock, El Paso, Midland, Amarillo)

Headquarters DUI
Headquarters Major General Manuel A. Rodriguez VII, Commanding
Role: Headquarters
Area of Operation: Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas

Air Division DUI
Air Division
Role: Support the Texas Air National Guard.
Area of Operation: Statewide

Maritime Regiment DUI
Maritime Regiment (TMAR) Brigadier General Robert Bodisch, Commanding
Role: Maritime, littoral, and riverine operations.
Area of Operation: Statewide

Medical Reserve Corps DUI
Medical Reserve Corps (Medical Rangers) Brigadier General Luis Fernandez, Commanding
Role: Public health emergencies
Area of Operation: Statewide

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