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On 10 Feb 1941, the Defense Act (HB No. 45) authorized the volunteer militia. Volunteers from Tarrant County area were constituted as the 27th Battalion of the Texas Defense Guard. In 1943 the 48th Legislature changed the name of the Defense Guard to the Texas State Guard and the unit remained active throughout World War II.

The Texas State Guard was then inactivated on 28 Aug 1947 (AGTX-GO 21). The 50th Texas Legislature re-authorized the Texas State Guard Reserve Corps and on 26 Jan 1948 (AGTX-GO4) the unit was re-activated and designated the 5th Regiment (1948-1965). With the reorganization of the militia in 1958, the name was changed to the 1st Military Defense Group and in 1965 the name was changed to the 1st Military Police Group, Texas State Guard.

The Texas State Guard reorganized on 1 Jul 1993 and re-designated the voluntary state defense force from this area as the 4th Brigade and the name Panther City Fencibles was reclaimed for the unit.

The Panther City Fencibles were formed in 1883 as part of the Texas Volunteer Guard. It was descended from two volunteer units, the "Lloyd Rifles" (or "Tarrant Rifles" 1871) and the Fort Worth Fencibles (1878). The unit was awarded a post of honor and sent 10 commissioned and non-commissioned officers and 45 men to the inaugural ceremonies of the President-Elect Grover Cleveland in 1893.

The Panther City Fencibles volunteered for service in the Spanish American War and became D Co. of the 2nd Texas Voluntary Infantry on 3 May 1898. They were awaiting embarkation at Key West, Florida when the war ended.

COL Howard Palmer, Commanding
 Brigade Role: Civil Affairs
 Nickname: Panther City Fencibles
 Symbolism: A black panther represents the City of Fort Worth, the Panther City. It is centered on a gold shield signifying an original cavalry role for the unit.
 Area of Operation: Northwest/North Central Texas (Fort Worth, Denton, Wichita Falls, Mineral Wells)

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