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19th Regiment About the 19th Regiment TXSG (Parson's Brigade)

The original Parson's Brigade was formed in the Spring of 1862 by COL Nathaniel M. Burford of Dallas, Texas as the 19th Texas Cavalry. The 19th was successively attached to Hawes', Cater's, Flourney's, Steel's, and Parson's Brigade of the Trans-Mississippi Department. The Brigade was disbanded in Marshall, Texas in May 1865.

On 10 FEB 1941, the Defense Act (H.B. No. 45) authorized a volunteer militia. Volunteers from the Northeast Texas area were constituted as the 19th, 29th, 35th, and 51st Battalions of the Texas Defense Guard. These units remained active throughout World War II and in 1943 the 48th Legislature changed the name of the Defense Guard to Texas State Guard.

After the Texas State Guard was inactivated on 28 AUG 1947 (AGTX-GO 21), the 50th Legislature re-authorized the Texas State Guard Reserve Corps on 26 JAN 1948 (AGTX-GO 4) and the unit reformed and designated the 6th Regiment including an ROTC section.

In 1958 the unit was re-designated the 1st Military Defense Group and in 1965 renamed the 102nd Military Police Battalion. In 1984 the unit was designated the 9th Military Police Group.

When the Texas State Guard reorganized on 1 JUL 1993 elements of the 7th and 9th Military Police Groups were combined and designated as the 19th Brigade and the name Parson's Brigade was reclaimed for the unit.

COL Robert T. Hastings, Commanding
 Brigade Role: Civil Affairs
 Nickname: Parson's Brigade
 Symbolism: A rearing gold stallion signifies the unit's cavalry roots.
 Area of Operation: Northeast/North Central Texas (Dallas, Grand Prarie, Wylie, Kilgore, New Boston)   Click for Map.

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